Xiaomi 8 Review: is it worth to buy?


If it is said that Xiaomi 8 is the best of all Xiaomi mobile phones, this may be a bit exaggerated. After all, there is also a higher-end Xiaomi MIX series. However, Xiaomi 8 did give us a lot of surprises this time, especially its hardware and pricing. This makes it a strong opponent of the “OV” two factories that have been sitting in the AED 1500-2000 pricing range for many years.


On May 31, just recently, Xiaomi held an annual flagship new product launch conference at the Shenzhen Universiade Gymnasium. At the same time, Xiaomi 8, Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version and Xiaomi 8 SE three new mobile phones were released. Now, we are bringing the phone back to Jujuzone. After nearly a week of trials, it is time to share the experience report with you. Without further ado, let's take a look at the "Xiaomi 8th Anniversary Masterpiece" in the text below to see how it performs in all aspects.


Look at the hardware configuration first.


Mi 8

Mi 8 SE


6.21 inches / Samsung / 2248 * 1080 / 18.7: 9


Qualcomm snapdrago 845


6GB Ram + 64/128/256GB Rom

8GB Ram + 128GB ROM

Front Camera

20 megapixel / Ai self-timer camera

Back Camera

12 million + 12 million pixels / f / 1.8 + f / 2.4 / OIS optical image stabilization








Infrared face recognition + rear fingerprint

Fingerprint unlock +3D structured light



This time, Xiaomi did not divide the configuration of Xiaomi 8 into “standard version” and “high version”, but unified Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 + 6GB. The configuration difference between mobile phones is reduced to one storage space, and three storage spaces of 64, 128, and 256 GB are available.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi 8 and Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version still have a big difference in hardware configuration. In addition to the storage storage upgrade to 8GB and 128GB fixed storage combination, the latter also added the screen fingerprint. System and structured light; battery capacity is 3000mAh, slightly smaller than 3400mAh of Xiaomi 8.

Three genres of full screen


Xiaomi 8 Review: is it worth to buy?


I thought that Xiaomi would use the MIX series to use the full-screen solution that they are proud of in the digital series. What I never expected was that the Xiaomi 8 released this time has become a member of the all-in-one full-screen mobile phone.


Xiaomi 8 Review: is it worth to buy?


On the parameters, the screen is 6.21 inches, 18.7:9 ratio, 2248 x 1080 resolution, and display brightness up to 600 nits. And with the support of the characteristics of the AMOLED screen, the mobile phone has added the AOD off-screen display function, and also has a high display color gamut performance.

Despite the design of the Xiaomi 8 body itself and the incomplete notification bar, in this Xiaomi 8, Xiaomi has added an infrared camera and infrared lighting components (transparent exploration version built-in dot-matrix projector, floodlighting components, etc.). To enhance the face unlocking performance of the phone in dark environments.


Xiaomi 8 Review: is it worth to buy?

This Xiaomi 8 and Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version share two sets of schemes in the design. The former adopts our familiar vertical double camera + rear fingerprint recognition; the latter is free from the fingerprint recognition under the screen. I went to the opening of the rear fingerprint, so I could use a transparent glass with a better look.


Both mobile phones use the metal middle frame + four-curve curved back glass scheme similar to Xiaomi 6, which makes the handle of the whole machine feel good. At the same time, Xiaomi also fine-tunes the four Rangles of the new machine. To make the whole more rounded.

Xiaomi 8 Review: is it worth to buy?

Xiaomi has canceled the 3.5mm headphone jack on the previous generation of Xiaomi 6, and in this Xiaomi 8, in addition to the headphone jack, the previously located infrared emission hole is also canceled together, leaving only noise reduction. The opening of the microphone is only.

Xiaomi 8 Review: is it worth to buy?

Although it is helpless to cancel some components in a limited space, as an old user of the "remote control", I still have a slight regret for the Xiaomi 8 to cancel the infrared function. After all, in the office where air-conditioning remote control is often not found, the mobile phone next to it is a good emergency product.


Standard Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, battery life is not bad

With the popularity of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, this processor has become the standard choice for the current mainstream flagship phone. The Xiaomi 8 Ordinary Edition comes standard with a combination of Snapdragon 845 + 6GB Storage (LPDDR4X) and offers 64 / 128 / 256GB three storage options (UFS 2.1), which is currently the mainstream configuration of the flagship phone. . The combination of Xiaolong 845 + 8GB is reserved for the higher-end transparent exploration version, but Xiaomi only provides 128GB of storage configuration in this phone.

Xiaomi 8 Review: is it worth to buy?

This Xiaomi 8 still does not support memory card expansion. Therefore, the author suggests that users who have a large demand for mobile phone capacity may wish to consider which version to choose before starting.

Xiaomi 8 Review: is it worth to buy?

As can be seen from the report, the phone has been running for 14 hours and 9 minutes, and the screen time is 5 hours and 13 minutes. As the flagship of the built-in 3400mAh battery, the battery life of Xiaomi 8 is not bad enough, it is enough for me to use it in the middle and heavy. Of course, one day's charging demand is inevitable, let's take a look at the charging situation.


Although the Xiaomi 8 can support the QC 4.0 protocol fast charge, the standard is still a 18W power QC 3.0 charging head. The QC 4.0 protocol charging head has to be purchased separately. In addition, although the Xiaomi 8 and Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration versions use a glass body, wireless charging is not supported in terms of charging method. Therefore, in the test charging process, we only use the standard 18W charging head to charge the mobile phone.


We started charging at 15:25 pm, when the power was 0%; at 15:30, the battery was charged 10%; at 25:57 after 27 minutes, the battery was 50%; finally it was 17:09 full Electricity is 100%. The whole process takes 1 hour and 39 minutes, and the overall performance can only be said to be quite satisfactory.

Millet MIX 2S The same camera, how is it?

At the beginning of this year, Xiaomi achieved the same scores as the first-line brand models such as Apple and Samsung in the DxOMark camera score with MIX 2S. On the Xiaomi 8 launched a few months later, Xiaomi continued to use the MIX 2S camera hardware directly in this new machine (Sony IMX 363 + Samsung S5K3M3). But unlike the former, this millet upgraded the camera system of Xiaomi 8 and scored a higher score (105 points) than the Xiaomi MIX 2S on the DxOMark list.


Xiaomi 8 Review: is it worth to buy?

In terms of parameters, the Xiaomi 8 is equipped with dual 12-megapixel camera (wide-angle + telephoto), which supports 2x optical zoom, 4-axis OIS optical image stabilization, AI scene camera, portrait mode and more. The front is equipped with a 20 megapixel camera that supports 3D micro-shaping beauty, AI studio lighting and more. Let's take a look at the real shot.


Xiaomi 8 Review: is it worth to buy?

Overall, the camera hardware of Xiaomi 8 is at the same level as MIX 2S, but the white balance and the sharpness of the picture make me feel the algorithmic progress of Xiaomi 8.

Xiaomi 8 Review: is it worth to buy? Xiaomi 8 Review: is it worth to buy? Xiaomi 8 Review: is it worth to buy?

In the night scene, the exposure tendency of Xiaomi 8 will pay more attention to retaining the subject. The multi-frame synthesis algorithm can not reach the degree of overall exposure of the screen, but the performance in noise reduction is not bad, and the purity of the picture is excellent. There is also no problem of blindly increasing the brightness and causing distortion of the picture.


The New MIUI 10

In this conference, in addition to the Xiaomi 8 series mobile phone, Xiaomi also appeared with the new machine MIUI 10.

Xiaomi 8 Review: is it worth to buy?



“Designing for a comprehensive screen” is the upgrade theme of this MIUI 10. As the name suggests, this MIUI 10 reshapes the features of the full screen in terms of system style and interaction design. For example, the vertical task management interface and the sense of segmentation are stronger. UI design and more. In terms of both AI functions and sound effects systems, MIUI 10 has also done a lot of functional additions and optimizations.


Since MIUI 10 is "born for a full screen", in addition to a new set of interactive design, of course, the addition of full screen gestures is indispensable. When the "Full Screen" function is turned on, the virtual function keys will be hidden, instead of sliding back to the desktop, sliding up and out of the multitasking bar, going backwards to the next level from left to right, and sliding from left to right. A comprehensive set of interactive logic for hover switching applications.


Summary · Although still rising prices, but still a "cost-effective" mobile phone


Like last year's Xiaomi 6, this year, Xiaomi continued to adjust the price of the flagship model, and raised the starting price of Xiaomi 8 to 1500 AED. However, in the 骁 845 mobile phone market with the AED 2000 and above, the Xiaomi 8 can still maintain a high cost performance and become the high-profile flagship model within the AED 2000.



Of course, in addition to the "cost-effective" advantage, in terms of hardware performance, camera, and system, Xiaomi 8 can keep pace with the flagship model of the first echelon, and there are no obvious disadvantages. If you really want to pick out the shortcomings from this phone, it is not without, such as the ordinary version lacks features in the design, cancels the infrared hole and the earphone hole, the glass body does not have wireless charging, no double speakers, etc. .

However, back in reality, we can't ask for an AED 1500 phone with too many features, after all, the cost and price are here. If you only want to experience high performance at a low price, Xiaomi 8 is indeed a worthwhile choice.