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Cloud Rover, a mobile IP camera car, can Remote Monitor & Control via Internet, controlled by smart device, and protect your home security wherever you are!

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1. Record all the happy moments!

2. Have fun with your baby.

3. Look after your parents.

4. Play with your naughty pets.

5. Protect your home security: Safety trouble shooting, Preventing fire, Baby monitor

Cloud Companion Remote Control Camera Car is a new crossover product. It’s a intelligent home appliance which can accompany babies for parents, serve as a safety guard, and monitor real-time situation at home. Technically, it’s a mobile IP Camera that can be remotely controlled via the Internet. When Cloud Companion is connected to the Internet by a router, at any place with Internet coverage, you can use a smart device to control it to patrol in your houses and take real-time pictures or videos. Be with you families, anytime, anywhere!

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