Xiaomi Mijia Kitchen Portable Electric Blender & Juicer


Xiaomi Mi Home Portable Blender Fruit Juicer Vegetable Blender With 300mL and 600 mL Cups 220V

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  • Voltage: 220V, 50Hz
  • Rated power: 250W
  • Capacity: 600mL/300mL
  • Weight: 1500g
  • Rotate: 25000/min

8-second squeezing

Power on the circle of the cooking machine is used in the coil thick copper motor, then the general aluminum coil motor more durable, and powerful. 24000 rpm ultra-high speed per minute. If you want to drink the fresh juice, you just need 8 seconds.

Using triple chain design

With rotary buckle design, it’s very easy to install. Put the blade head mounted with the cup, then put on the fuselage and turn it buckle lock, it will be work. This kind of design will ensure the safety of operation.

One key operation

Xiaomi electric juice extractor only has one button of CD lines metal. You can choose the extractor time by yourself, it is easy to operate even if the child or old men.


Xiaomi electric extractor can make many kinds of drink, such as fruit juice, grains drinks, baby food supplement and so on.

High-quality material

Using the Tritan material which Europe and America baby products specified. Does not contain harmful substances such as bisphenol A. With thickening cup body, it is tough and high-temperature resistance.

Convenience and portable

Equipped with accompanying cup and leak-proof lip, you can drink fresh fruit juice anytime, anywhere.


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